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William E Young School

16240 S. Cedar Road

Homer Glen, IL 60491 

Current News!

  • PUMPKIN WARS!  Vote for your FAVORITE pumpkins.  Voting begins here on today!  Go to the SALES TAB!   
  • SCHOOL SPIRIT WEAR!  See info below for 20% OFF!  Offer extended through NOVEMBER 1st!
  • Help PTO and William E. Young School and join PTO!  $5 for membership under the SALES TAB.
  • Check out the FOR SALE TAB for the following...
    • Community Discounts for Sale! cool
    • Kids are returning to school!!  Get their Mustang Masks! sealed
    • Baker Square Sweet Return Fundraiser in Sales Tab! tongue-out 
  • New info for FREE LUNCHES for kids attending school under the YOUNG SCHOOL LUNCH PROGRAM tab listed under OTHER INFORMATION menu.  Downloadable forms and instructions all included in tab.



Baker Square Sweet Return Fundraiser
Fri, Oct 30, 2020
Start: 12:00 PM

Attention.. Attention..  

Calling All Sweet Fans. 


Baker Square Sweet Return Fundraiser

William E. Young will be selling Baker Square Pie Cards just in time for the holiday. Please help support William E. Young school and enjoy a delicious pie(s).

How does it work?

You have a choice of one of two cards. The green card is all whip cream pies and the red card is all fruit pies including french apple and pumpkin

 **The cards do not include carrot or cheese cake**

  •  Green card will be sold for $20 & Red card will sold for $15
  •  Cards Expire 12/31/21.
  •  Please pre order your cards on our PTO website (youngpto.com)

We will be selling pie cards for four weeks. 


**Cards will be either sent home, mailed to you, or dropped off at your homes**

There are over 20 pie varieties to choose from. Please see below some popular pies to choose from when you purchase one of the card(s).



Caramel Pecan

Caramel Apple A La Mode

Chocolate Peanut Butter

Coconut Cream

Country Apple

French Apple

French Silk


Lemon Meringue Supreme



Triple Berry 

Strawberry Rhubarb

Any way you slice it we are grateful for your support...

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Mask Sale


1 mask for $6 or 2 for $10...(***discount will automatically be applied at final checkout***).

If you have a William E. Young PTO account you can go ahead and purchase your masks under the "FOR SALE" tab and then hit the "MASK SALE" tab (or scroll down and hit the orange PARENT ONLY tab below).

If you do NOT have a Young PTO account, hit the "FOR SALE" tab, then hit the "Mask Sale NON-PARENT ACCESS" tab (or scrool down and hit the blue "Guests Not Parents" tab.

Any issues purchasing, please contact helpdesk@paperlesspto.com

Each mask is black.  You will have the option to have the logo in green or gold.  You may purchase more than one (for example...wear green logo on one day and gold logo on the other to keep track of laundering).  Because the logo is used district wide, you may also purchase for siblings or other students at other schools in District 33c.  

Masks will be required for students all day except during lunch and if outside distancing at 6 feet apart.

Masks are on order and should be stocked by August 1, 2020.  YOU MAY PREORDER.

Once masks are in I will post pictures.  

100% cotton 2-ply face mask.  One size fits most (Sample was tried on by multiple children of different ages and sizes and fits well.  Consensus on those that tried it felt it is a comfortable fitting mask.)

Color options: 

 1) Black mask with green mustang logo and Homer 33c lettering.

 2) Black mask with gold mustang logo with Homer 33c lettering.


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Spirit Wear
Sun, Nov 01, 2020
Start: 12:00 PM
School Spirit Wear.
Use the code WARMUP2020 and receive 20% off any order $60 or more, EXTENDED THROUGH NOVEMBER 1st.
Fall is in the air.  Now is a great time to warm up, with cool spiritwear from 1st Place Spiritwear. Shop the over 150 designs for our school and SAVE 20% off when you order $60 or more with the code WARMUP2020. Don't wait to order because this deal only lasts for a short time. 
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PTO Membership


We believe that it takes teachers AND parents to build a great school community.  Joining the PTO allows parents to be involved in their child's academic and social experience.  Your PTO membership is not mandatory, however room party volunteer opportunities are given to those families that have paid their dues (although we are unable to do anything in school at this time, we are hopeful that we will be able to return to some sort of normalcy at some point this year -OR- open to new ideas and experiences that follow health guidelines).  It does not obligate you to attend PTO meetings or volunteer (but we hope you do smile).  It is simply a donation to the YOUNG Parent Teacher Organization (a 501c3 non-profit) and is tax deductible to the extent allowed by the law.  These dues help fund many activities throughout the year, such as room parties, student items/resources, teacher appreciation week, and other expenses that enrich the school experience for students at Young.  

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