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William E Young School

16240 S. Cedar Road

Homer Glen, IL 60491 

Hello!  Meet Jessica (Roche) Thomas!

She is a funny, thoughtful, loyal friend and sister, and loving daughter.  She is kind and generous and brings laughter to everyone around her.  Most importantly, she is a proud, single mother of two!  Jessica is one of our own-she lives in our community and her daughter is in second grade at YOUNG. 

On September 27th of this year, Jessica recieved some devastating news.  She was diagnosed with an aggressive, stage 4, non-hodgkins lymphoma.  Her docters are optimistic and believe that her disease is curable.  But that means rounds of chemotherapy every two weeks, with each treatment resulting in a week hospital stay and lots of care at home.  Jessica started her fight head on, but on her own.  She is now ready and willing to accept help and support from others.

We at YOUNG would like to be a huge part of her support system!  We all know that 5 minutes in the hospital can easily add up to thousands of dollars.  We can all do our part!  Through our World's Finest Chocolate Fundraiser, a portion of our proceeds will go to lessen the financial burden so that Jessica can put her energy towards her children and beating cancer! 

It's simple and easy...Please help and register online!  Send out emails and through social media.  Everything is virtual and all products will be sent to buyers directly!

To start, click link below! 

Step by Step Registration Flyer for WILLIAM YOUNG.pdf