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William E Young School

16240 S. Cedar Road

Homer Glen, IL 60491 

The ABC (A Bench for Caps) Program is a cap and lid program specifically designed by school children for school children. It is to be a tool in the hands of adults to teach children about caring for the Earth and green living. It must be put through the children’s hands and someone must be responsible to see that it is a learning experience for them.

Young PTO collects caps and lids all year long. Our goal is to collect enough to get 2 benches for our school. How many caps does that take? One 6-foot bench needs 200 pounds of acceptable caps! As much as that is and as impossible as it sounds to accomplish, we have done it and can do it again, with the help of all of our families.

What we need from you…

COLLECT CAPS AND LIDS (please see the approved list) – encourage your friends, neighbors and family members to join you in collecting. When you have some collecting, bring them into school. There is a collection bin near the cafeteria.

SIGN UP TO HELP SORT AND WEIGH – later in the year we will begin meeting on designated evenings in school (usually every other week) to sort and weigh the caps we have so far. We will keep track of the weight and when we have enough, an order for our benches will be placed. Watch for information on how you, and your student(s), can become part of our recycling team!

SPONSORS – in addition to 200 pounds of plastic, each bench costs $250 (if we don’t collect lids for them the cost is much greater). If you are interested in being a sponsor of the benches, please let us know!

DRIVER – once our benches are ready for pick-up we need a driver! That person, or persons, will take the caps from Young down to Greentree Plastics in Evansville, IN. A large van or truck & trailer will be needed for the trip. Please let us know if you are able to help us with transportation!

To learn more about Greentree Plastics and this program, please click HERE.